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About ThisIsShared


We can not wait to help you get your business, or even your small project off the ground! Our professional grade web hosting can help you bring your business to its top level without breaking the bank. With our always low prices and our 99% server up time, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Direct Admin
  • DNS
  • Email
  • SSL Certificates
  • SQL Databases

Faq Question

Login to the website at which you registered the domain with. Navigate to your domain settings and change the nameservers to be the following below:

Nameserver 1: ns1.thisisshared.com
Nameserver 2: ns2.thisisshared.com

We apologize in advance, but the client portal, where you can manage your account (billing/plans/etc), has currently been taken offline. If you need to make an adjustment to your account do not hesitate to email us at admin@thisisshared.com.

The direct admin control panel can be found on the Client Login page.

You can also access direct admin by naviagting to your website and use port 2222. (i.e. http://yourdomain.com:2222)

If you already haven't done so, download an FTP client (i.e. FileZilla).

Now that you have your FTP client ready we can go ahead and connect with using the information below.

Host: yourdomain.com
Username: your_user_name
Password: your_password
Port: 21 (If you want to use sftp use port 22)

Note: If for some reason port 21 doesn't work make sure you're not behind a NAT network.

Our special Team

Blake Warrington


Andrew Pla

Business Administrator

Jeff Schultz

Systems Administrator

Pricing Table

$2 / month

  1. 1 Domain
  2. Unlimited Subdomains
  3. 1 SSL Certificate
  4. 1 Database
  5. 3 Email Accounts
  6. 100MB Storage
  7. 2GB/month Bandwidth
  8. Unlimited Domains
  9. Free domin
  10. Support unlimited
  11. Payment online
top sale

$5 / month

  1. 3 Domain
  2. Unlimited Subdomains
  3. Unlimited SSL Certificates
  4. 3 Database
  5. 20 Email Accounts
  6. 5GB Storage
  7. 20GB/month Bandwidth
  8. Unlimited Domains
  9. Free domin
  10. Support unlimited
  11. Payment online


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